Leafs Won't Deal For Lindros

Archived from 2000-01 season.

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The Toronto Maple Leafs announced they will no longer try to make a trade with the Philadelphia Flyers for Eric Lindros.

Toronto general manager and coach Pat Quinn cited Philadelphia's changing demands and the distraction it has caused his team as the reasons.

"As far as I'm concerned, (Philadelphia's demands) got changed again. We had every reason to believe it was a done deal. It was constantly a moving target, and every time we moved to their position, they moved again." he said. "It's been a building cloud over this team and at this moment we have to collect ourselves."

It has been widely reported that some combination of Nik Antropov, Tomas Kaberle and Danny Markov along with a draft pick were the latest Toronto offer. Quinn is not happy about the names becoming public, which he strongly hinted was the doing of Flyers general manager Bob Clarke.

"To me, I'm not very happy at how this transpired," said Quinn. "We operated at the request of them (Flyers) at the very beginning. I don't like the way the thing went down very much."

The Flyers disagreed with Quinn's assessment. Clarke said that when Markov's medical report became available, the Flyers had doubts about his back injury, which has kept him out of the lineup all this month.

"They are going to give this guy (Lindros) $45 million, yet they want to give us two injured players for him (Antropov has a knee injury). That didn't make any sense to us," Clarke said.

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