Deadline Passes Lindros By

Archived from 2000-01 season.

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The biggest non-trade at this year's trading deadline was Eric Lindros, who was not dealt. Lindros, a restricted free agent will be sidelined the rest of the season unless he suddenly comes to terms with the Philadelphia Flyers.

"All along we felt that we weren't going to be able to trade Lindros and we were proven right," Flyers general manager Bob Clarke said.

Philadelphia was working on a deal with the Blues, and Lindros underwent a physical in St. Louis on Monday. But a trade couldn't be worked out.

"We made a sincere effort, but when you're limited he picked four teams, but only two tried for him and other teams know you're limited, there was never a chance to make a deal that was beneficial for us," Clarke said.

Lindros, who hasn't played since since sustaining his sixth concussion last May 26, refuses to return to the Flyers and originally said he would only agree to be traded to Toronto. Lindros later added St. Louis, Detroit and Washington on his list of acceptable teams.

"We'd like to trade him, but he's made his own bed," Clarke said. "He's made it difficult for us to trade him."

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