McSorley's Suspension Extended To Full Year

Archived from 2000-01 season.

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The NHL commissioner Gary Bettman suspended Marty McSorley through Feb. 20 for slashing Donald Brashear across the head last season.

That makes McSorley's total suspension a full year, which is the longest in the NHL history.

"I believe I owe it both to this player and to all other present and future NHL players to impose a suspension of a definite and ascertainable length," Bettman said. "I simply cannot in good conscience justify imposing a suspension of less than one calendar year given the nature of the incident in question, regardless of the effect that suspension may have on Mr. McSorley's career."

McSorley originally was suspended for the remainder of the 1999-00 season and playoffs by Bettman, who noted that the player skipped a hearing held two days after the game.

He then was convicted of assault with a weapon on Oct. 6, with Judge William Kitchen giving McSorley a conditional discharge, meaning McSorley will not have a criminal record.

The conviction, which McSorley said he will not appeal, was the first of an NHL player for an on-ice hit since 1988.

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