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Archived from 2003-04 season.

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Dominik Hasek came back from retirement after one year off the NHL ice and he is returning to the Detroit Red Wings, who he lead to a Stanley Cup title in 2002.

"I now feel that I have achieved a better balance in my life, and I have more to contribute to the game," Hasek said. "My batteries are recharged, and I have the fire for competing for the Cup again."

Dominator's return leaves the Red Wings with two high-priced goalies as they signed Curtis Joseph a year ago to replace Hasek.

"Ideally, as quickly as possible, I'd like to get a goaltender moved," Detroit general manager Ken Holland said Tuesday. "We're going to have to be creative with some other teams to try to put something together."

Both Hasek and Joseph are set to earn $8 million next season. Joseph has a no-trade clause in his contract which he has to agree to waive before any trade is possible.

"I know about the situation with Cujo and the no-trade clause," Hasek said. "My decision, unfortunately, affects other people. But my desire is to play for the Detroit Red Wings. I want to play for the Red Wings, and nothing else. I want to be the Dominator like I used to."

Hasek is a six-time Vezina Trophy winner as the NHL's best goalie, two-time Hart Trophy winner as the league's most valuable player. He owns a 288-189-80 record, 61 shutouts and a 2.23 goals-against average in 581 NHL games.

"I feel I'm in good shape," Hasek said. "Even if I didn't play hockey, I stayed very active. That's why I feel good about this decision."

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