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Why Bure wants out of Vancouver? One theory, put forward by Ron Salcer, who is Bure's former agent replaced by Mike Gillis, is that the player feels he is under too much scrutiny in Vancouver. He thinks if he went to Los Angeles, the New York Rangers (hah, hah) or Chicago everything would not center around him, because there are so many other stars (what's this guy smoking?).

A spokesman for Salcer said Bure's preferred city is New York because it offers the easiest air connections to Russia. I will make a few comments on this.

First of all Mr Bure, sorry to put so much pressure on you to help Vancouver try and win a Stanley Cup, I forgot you are only making $8.5 MILLION a year. Excuse us for asking too much of you.

If Bure went to New York, the only team that can afford his paycheck, who would they give back to Vancouver?

Also, who are all these stars on the New York Rangers, who are 0-4 last time I looked? And the press does not write about hockey in the Big Apple?

Finally, what's he going to do, buy a plane and fly home every weekend? Sorry to hear that you have had such a bad life Mr Bure, maybe you should just quit this game that is causing you so much trouble, and get a better paying less stressful job in your homeland. Good luck.

As if the Vancouver Canucks don't have enough trouble with Bure, another problem arising is projected millionaire super star Alexander Mogilny. He is making only $4.2 million US this year and so far he has scored only 1 goal and that was into an empty net. He once scored 76 goals in this league and seems to have lost his touch or desire for the game.

Coach Mike Keenan is defending Mogilny's slow start with the reason the player has yet to make the adjustment required by a star that receives as much as 20 to 30 minutes of playing time per game.I wonder how much ice time he received in Buffalo when he scored the 76 goals?

I think the Canucks should be careful here not to put too much pressure on another one of their projected super stars, as it seems to have affected the play of Mr. Bure, and Alex may follow the same road.

The real reason for Mogilny's decline in his performance may just be that he is not happy with what the Canucks are doing to his countryman. I think the Canucks , if they want to improve this year should put a deal together for both of these guys and get some good CANADIAN PLAYERS in return.

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