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The Sunday deadline that John LeClair gave the Philadelphia Flyers to reach an agreement on a multiyear contract passed without a deal.

"As far I'm concerned, it's over," LeClair's agent, Lewis Gross, said late Sunday night. "We didn't talk at all today. I have to assume it's over."

LeClair says he won't negotiate during the season nor sign a deal during the free-agency period afterward.

"Enough's enough," said LeClair. "There's been enough time for negotiating. Everything's got to come to an end or it just keeps dragging, gets worse."

Unless LeClair changes his mind and reopens talks, it is likely that the Flyers will trade him rather than risk losing him to free agency next summer.

Last month LeClair won the largest arbitration award in NHL history. He was given a one-year deal of $7 million after he had asked for $9 million and the team offered $4.6 million.

LeClair will become an unrestricted free agent after the upcoming season and Flyers general manager Bob Clarke has said that he might be forced to trade LeClair.

"It's always been our hope to try and get John signed to a long-term deal. We don't have any planned course of action; trading John is one of the options," Clarke said. "In the meantime, we're just going to get prepared for the season and John will be part of the Flyers."

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