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After missing 18 games Eric Lindros will return to action tonight. The Philadelphia Flyers are getting their superstar back just in time for the playoffs.

Lindros suffered a concussion on March 7 after being hit hard by Pittsburgh's Darius Kasparaitis. Since then the Flyers have hired Roger Neilson as a new head coach and gone 10-6-2 in Lindros' absence.

Neilson said he plans to reunite Lindros with John LeClair and Trent Klatt for last four reamaining games in regular season. Neilson said Lindros shouldn't need much time to fit back in.

"I think they do everything better," Neilson said of star players. "I think four games is enough, especially because he's been working so hard in practice. We'll give him all he can handle. I think it's kind of a good time, really, a little push right before the playoffs. He'll keep us sharp and if there's any adjustment time, it should be over in four games."

Lindros has met with Neilson frequently, attended games and practises to make himself ready to play with new head coach at helm.

"I just want to get back in the mix and help out anyway I can," Lindros said. "There's been some changes. I'm just looking forward to being back in game situations. We need to get things going in preparation for the playoffs."

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