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Eric Lindros was recovering from surgery to remove a blood clot from his lung Friday.

"He's in some pain right now but he's feeling pretty good," said Dr. Larry Kaiser, a chest surgeon who performed the operation. "He's glad it's over and looks forward to being out of here in a few days."

The Philadelphia Flyers' star center was released from a hospital in Nashville, TN on Thursday, but suffered a setback later and was rushed to hospital in Philadelphia Thursday night with a 102 degree fever.

Kaiser said he removed a hardened blood clot that was pressinng to Lindros' right lung, preventing it from fully expanding.

"We found exactly what we thought we would find," Kaiser said. "We were able to totally remove it and his lung is now completely re-expanded ... I think he'll find his breathing is significantly better, easier."

The Flyers are now preparing for the playoffs without their captain and most important player.

Doctors have said Lindros needs three to four weeks to regenerate the blood he lost. He continues to insist on not having a transfusion, and Kaiser is following those instructions.

"The worst-case scenario is I don't come back until September," Lindros said. "But I think because of the jump-start we had here and the good care here, I might be on my way back much sooner than that."

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